Toolik Lake Permanent Vegetation Plots

Walker D.A. and Barry N. 1991. Toolik Lake permanent vegetation plots: site factors, soil physical and chemical properties, plant species cover, photographs, and soil descriptions. Data Report 48, Department of Energy R4D Program, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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Environmental Information, Plot SWT-26

Abiotic Data
Date Sampled Landform Surficial Geology Glacial Geology Surficial Geomorphology Microsite Topographic Position Slope Aspect Exposure (Scalar) Site Moisture (Scalar) Snow Duration (Scalar) Stability (Scalar) Cryoturbation Height of Microrelief Thaw Depth Water Cover Bare Soil Cover Rock Cover Soil Units Soil Moisure
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8/6/89Hills (including kames and moraines)Undifferentiated hill slope colluvium Itkillik I till Featureless or with < 20% frost scars Inter-frost scar elementSide slope10°2*5.5*4.0*1.0*5%15 cm46 cm0%0%0%Pergelic Cryaquept, acid6.0*
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Biotic Data
Tall Shrub CoverLow Shrub CoverDwarf Shrub CoverAverage Shrub HeightGraminoid CoverForb CoverLichen CoverBryophyte CoverHorsetail CoverDisturbance (Scalar)
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0%0%50%30%40%+ %1%40%%1*
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*See Table 3 for values of scalars and descriptive variables, or select value to jump to Table 3.