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The UAF Help page has considerable information regarding browser compatibility, browser settings, and font issues, if you are having difficulty viewing the Toolik-Arctic Geobotanical Atlas.

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If you continue to have difficulty viewing the site, or see errors or discrepancies, please contact Edie Barbour, with a description of the problem and the web address (URL) of the page.

Major Sections of the Atlas

The TAGA logoLogo, in the upper left hand corner of each page, is a link back to the home page.

Each section has a unique color:

When there is a link to another section, it will be highlighted in the color of that section. For example, a link in the Photo Library that goes to Maps and Imagery will be in blue. Offsite links, in bright blue, will take you away from the Toolik-Arctic Geobotanical Atlas website.

Map Icons

Underneath the map images you will see up to 4 icons, depending on what kind of data is available for the particular theme. Each icon links to a large pdf of the map, GoogleEarth, metadata, and GIS data. GIS data comes in one of two types: an SHP file or a TIF file, and the icon will indicate which type of file is available.

  • PDF download iconPDF image of map ⇒ Download Acrobat Reader
  • GoogleEarth iconGoogleEarth view of the TAGA ⇒ Download GoogleEarth
  • metadata download iconMetadata
  • GIS data:
    • Data download iconSHP file
    • Data download iconTIF file

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