Toolik Lake Permanent Vegetation Plots

Walker D.A. and Barry N. 1991. Toolik Lake permanent vegetation plots: site factors, soil physical and chemical properties, plant species cover, photographs, and soil descriptions. Data Report 48, Department of Energy R4D Program, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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Soil Chemical Properties, Plot SWT-26

soil photo
Sample No. Horizon Paste pH Paste E.C. NH4HCO3-DTPA Extract (ppm) NH4OAc Extract % CaCO3 meq/100g Bray#
mmhos/cm N03-N P K Zn Fe Mn Cu Ca Mg Na K equiv CEC P
(meq/100g) ppm

*1 = routine analysis + hydrometer particle size + gravel (1 fraction) + CaC03 equiv. + Ca, Mg, Na, K + CEC
*1a = same as (1) but with water: field capacity, available, hygroscopic
**2 = same as (1) but without gravel fraction
**2a = same as (1) with water: field capacity, available, hygroscopic
***3 = routine analysis + CEC
**** = Insufficient sample
# = Bray P on samples with pH<6.0
## = Not analyzed

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