Toolik Lake Permanent Vegetation Plots

Walker D.A. and Barry N. 1991. Toolik Lake permanent vegetation plots: site factors, soil physical and chemical properties, plant species cover, photographs, and soil descriptions. Data Report 48, Department of Energy R4D Program, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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Soil Description, Plot SWT-26

soil photo
Classification:Pergelic Cryaquept, fine-loamy, mixed, acid.
Location:Southwest side of Toolik Lake on long hillside near Shaver's greenhouses (SW corner). 68°37' N, 149°37' W at UTM grid stake 7,614,500 N, 393,900 W.
Physiographic position:Midslope of long gentle (5 percent) N-facing slope.
Topography:Hummocky terrain, including turf hummocks; many tussocks.
Microrelief Height:15 cm.
Drainage:Moderately well drained.
Vegetation:Moist Eriophorum vaginatum, Betula nana s.l., Sphagnum sp., tussock-sedge, dwarf-shrub tundra
Parent material:Itkillik I glacial till.
Sampled by:D.A. Walker and C. Westberg, August 6, 1989.
Remarks:Frozen at 46 cm. Considerable evidence of cryoturbation in B horizon.
Weather:Broken clouds, very warm, light wind.
Horizons:Colors are for the moist soil.
Oi0-4 cm. Loose mat of alive and dead mosses (Aulacomnium turgidum, Dicranum sp., Hylocomium splendens); smooth, abrupt boundary.
Oe4-7 cm. Very dark brown (7.5YR 2/2) hemic material, est. < 2 percent by volume silt loam; loose (est. pore space 50 percent); weak medium platy structure; smooth, slightly sticky, slightly plastic (wet); smooth, clear boundary.
Oa7-10 cm. Dark brown (10YR 3/3) loamy-sapric material; weak medium platy structure; wet; smooth, slightly sticky, plastic (wet); pH = 4.4; many fine and very fine roots; abrupt, smooth boundary. (Sample T-060).
BW10-40+ cm. Predominantly dark yellowish brown (10YR 3/4) gravelly sandy clay loam with many large brown mottles (10YR 4/6), plus areas of dark greyish brown (10YR 4/2) material; from moderate medium subangular blocky to moderate fine granular structure; firm (moist) gritty, sticky, plastic (wet); pH = 4.5; few fine roots; est. 15 percent by volume fine gravel < 1 cm diameter; thin dark greyish brown (10YR 4/2) band of silty, highly organic material at base of B horizon. (Sample T-061).
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