Toolik Lake Permanent Vegetation Plots

Walker D.A. and Barry N. 1991. Toolik Lake permanent vegetation plots: site factors, soil physical and chemical properties, plant species cover, photographs, and soil descriptions. Data Report 48, Department of Energy R4D Program, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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General Description, Plot SWT-66

general site photo
Plant community:Dry
Betula nana s.l. , Hierochloe alpina, Cladonia arbuscula,
low-shrub, fruticose-lichen tundra
Microsite:Featureless glaciofluvial outwash terrace
Other plots with a similar description:
SWT-3, SWT-6, SWT-66, SWT-70*,
Date sampled: 1993-08-13
Plot location: 149° 35.66' W, 68° 38.52' N
* Plots with soil descriptions and soil analysis for most horizons.
^ Plots with soil analysis for most horizons.
All other plots have soil analysis for horizon at 10-cm depth (rooting zone).
See Table 1 for a list of all plots
Enlarge general site photo