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Cladonia pocillum

  • Family name: Cladoniaceae
  • Common name: cup lichen
  • Growth form: Lichen
  • Names used on the Toolik-Arctic Geobotanical Atlas maps:
    • Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map: Cladonia pocillum
    • Arctic Alaska Tundra Vegetation Map: Cladonia pocillum
    • Toolik Permanent Plots: Cladonia pocillum
    • Imnavait Creek Permanent Plots: Cladonia pocillum
    • Happy Valley Permanent Plots: Cladonia pocillum

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  1. Cladonia pocillum    , cup lichen
  2. Thallus
    Image author: Laurens Sparrius ©
    Website: Dutch Bryological and Lichenological Society
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  1. Cladonia pocillum    , cup lichen
  2. Vang, 8/24/02
    Image author: Einar Timdal ©
    Website: Lichen Herbarium, Natural History Museum, University of Oslo
    Source of original image

  1. Cladonia pocillum    , cup lichen
  2. On calcareous rocks (Zechstein). Thallus without soredia, consisting of a rosette of small and overlapping basal squamules; squamules adpressed, small and poorly intended; podetia up to 15 mm, surface granular to warted (also in the cups); cups wide. Thallus Pd+ red. (The similar Cl. pyxidata has no overlapping and rosette-forming squamules).
    Central Europe; Germany: Hesse.
    Image author: Ulrich Kirschbaum ©
    Website: Lichen images
    Source of original image

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