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Arctous rubra

  • Family name: Ericaceae
  • Common name: red fruit bearberry
  • Growth form: Shrub (woody plant)
  • Names used on the Toolik-Arctic Geobotanical Atlas maps:
    • Circumpolar Arctic Vegetation Map: Arctous rubra
    • Arctic Alaska Tundra Vegetation Map: Arctous rubra
    • Toolik Permanent Plots: Arctous rubra
    • Happy Valley Permanent Plots: Arctous rubra

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  1. Arctous rubra    , red fruit bearberry
  2. Flower and leaves.
    Lower Cove, northeast of Big Brook, Newfoundland. Limestone heath. July 4, 2002. Canada.
    Image author: John Maunder ©
    Website: Digital Natural History of Newfoundland and Labrador
    Source of original image

  1. Arctous rubra    , red fruit bearberry
  2. Plants turning bright red in fall, 1981. Patch of Red Bearberry.
    N.W.T., Banks Island, on slope at Sachs River delta across from Sachs Harbour. Plants growing on a hillside, 28 July 1981, Canada.
    Image author: J.M. Gillett ?
    Website: Flora of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
    Source of original image