background: various photos of the Arctic

Photo Library

The Photo and Image Library includes graphics used on the website; images of the map units; photographs of vegetation units, bioclimate subzones, plant communities, and the Toolik Lake, Imnavait Creek and Happy Valley permanent vegetation plot photos; and up to five photos of each plant species.

  1. Map Unit Photos and Images
    1. Graphics
    2. Map Images
    3. Vegetation Map Unit Photos
    4. Plant Community Photos
    5. Circumpolar Arctic Bioclimate Subzone Photos
    6. Photos of Vegetation in the vicinity of Toolik Field Station, Alaska
    7. Toolik Lake Permanent Vegetation Plot Photos
    8. Imnavait Creek Permanent Vegetation Plot Photos
    9. Happy Valley Permanent Vegetation Plot Photos
  2. Plant Species Photos
    1. Alphabetical List of Plant Species